Thursday, August 18, 2011

Literature Lessons--Story time

The assignment was to create a story using one animal from the picture.  The assignment is from Language Lessons for Little Ones book 2.

All of the Sheep

They are going to become super heroes with powers.  The farmer is feeding them special grain that has these powers hidden in it.  When they go to sleep then they will become super heroes.  The robots will attack the farm and are trying to steal the animals.  They will make a robot out of farm parts to help them form a power squad.  They are laying down so they can get some rest before the next attack.

The lambs help the Super Sheep.  They will grow up into them and get super powers too.  They are learning how to be Super Sheep from their moms and dads.  They don't know how to destroy the robots yet.  The lambs can hook together though and form a super sheep.

They all need rest now.  They don't want the robots to destroy the farmer's farm.

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